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23T Alterted

The hot rod of hot rods. The 23T Altered is an icon and all time crowd favorite the world over. This will be our version of it. 

1979 Pontiac T/A

Thr first back half car in Hungary. A crowd favorite from day one, we only had it running at 4 races. Nicknamed by race fans  Darth Vader  bacause of its looks and the sound and the feel the car projects. Still in the tuning stages, so far its been 9.0 in the quarter, but the best is yet to come...in 2011 we are going to turn it up....and turn up we did, car car ran a new Hungarian record of 8.45...and now its taken apart and practically a new car is being built for 2013...it will look the same as before, but will be totally different under the sheetmetal. We are goint to retain the original body, because we insist that a true door car should not be based on a fiberglass replica body.

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